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Campus Handbook

In accordance with the policies of the SUNY Board of Trustees, the purpose of the Campus Handbook is to provide an official record of the college’s organization and governance, bylaws, local policies, and other information, which pertain to the responsibilities of faculty, staff, students, and other members of the college community. It should be used as a supplement to the SUNY Board of Trustees Policies and the College Catalog.

The material herein represents principles, policies and statements developed by faculty and administration within the college in order to expedite the operation of the college within the framework established by the policies of the SUNY Board of Trustees. While it is expected that the handbook will have some special value for newcomers, it is also believed that it will prove valuable to all members of the college community.

Disclaimer: The college may amend any existing policies or procedures contained on the web site without notice to users, as well as to adopt new policies and/or procedures at any time without notice to users. It is the user’s responsibility to check with policy owners to determine whether changes, additions or substitutions, have been made regarding the policies, procedures and related forms contained in the Campus Handbook.

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Handbook Table of Contents

  1. Academics and Research
  2. Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity
  3. Communications
  4. Employment and Benefits
  5. Facilities, Assets, and Property
  6. Finance and Budget
  7. Governance and Organization
  8. Health and Safety
  9. Legal and Compliance
  10. Library and Information Technology

Section I — Academics & Research

Below, please find a list of the policies for this section of the Campus Handbook.

Policy No. Policy Title
1000.1.P Assessment Procedure for All College Units
1002.1 Commencement/Attendance of Faculty and Professional Staff
1003.1.P Course and Program Change Procedure
1004.1 Faculty Workload Memo
1005.1 GEO Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs
1006.1 GEO Resident Director Handbook
1008.3 Graduate Assistantships
1009.1.P International Agreements (Ad-Hoc), Procedures for Review
1010.1 Internship Programs
1011.1 Mandatory Leave by Administrative Actions
1012.1 Non-Credit Programming/Courses/Classes
1013.1 Private Instruction and Tutoring
1014.1 Sabbatical Leaves
1015.3 Scholarly Misconduct
1018.3 Student Grade Grievances
1019.2 Summer and Winter Session Employment and Compensation
1022.1 Temporary Travel Restriction Study Abroad in Mexico
1023.1 Textbook Information HEOA

Section II — Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity

Below, please find a list of the policies for this section of the Campus Handbook.

Policy No. Policy Title
2003.1 Chosen Name Policy
2000.5.P Complaint Procedure for Review of Allegations of Unlawful Discrimination
2005.2 DIRECT Response, Bias Act and Hate Crime Response Policy
2006.1 Grievance for Addressing Formal Complaints of Sexual Harassment Under The Title IX Regulations
2007.1 Informal Resolution Policy
2001.5 Interpersonal Violence Policy
2002.2 Notice of Non Discrimination Policy
2004.7 Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy

Section III — Communications

Below, please find a list of the policies for this section of the Campus Handbook.

Policy No. Policy Title
3000.2 Cellular Telephone Program & Procedures
3001.2 Desk & Cellular Telephone Use
3009.1 Graphic Communications
3002.2 Mail
10015.2 Mass Emailing
3004.1 Personal Telephone Accounts
3005.2 Social Media
3006.1 Telephone Answering Protocols
3008.2 Website Governance Policy

Section IV — Employment & Benefits

Below, please find a list of the policies for this section of the Campus Handbook.

Policy No. Policy Title
4000.2 Absence from Class and Class Coverage Policy
4001.2 Absences and Extraordinary Weather Conditions
4003.1 Background Check
4004.2 Children in the Workplace
4047.1 Consensual Relationship Policy
4009.4 Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace Policy
4010.1 Dual Career Assistance at SUNY Plattsburgh
4011.2 Emeriti/Retiree Privileges
8002.1 Employee Identification Cards
4015.1 Extra Service Policy and Procedures For Academic and Professional Staff
4016.2 Faculty Members Taking Course
4019.2 Holiday Policy
4048.1 Lactation Accommodation Policy
4024.1 Late Leave Record Policy
4027.2 Liberal Leave Policy
4043.2 Medical Certification Request
4030.1 Pets/Animals of Employees in the Workplace
4032.2 Reasonable Accommodation for State Employees (ADA)
4034.1 Release Time Policy for Classified Staff
4044.2 Moving Expense Reimbursement
4046.1 Sponsorship and Financial Support for Immigration Petitions
4022.1 Statement of Ethics for Faculty and Staff
4040.1 Student Employment Opportunities Posting
4006.1 University Survey Policy
4041.1 Veteran Employee Self-Identification
4042.1 Volunteer Employees

Section V — Facilities, Assets & Property

Policy No. Policy Title
5017.1 Camping on Campus Policy
5001.1 Naming Guidelines
5002.4 Policy for Promoting Activities in Residence Halls
5004.1 Property Control Policy & Procedure (Inventory)
5005.1 Signage & Wayfinding Program
5016.1 Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Drone
5006.1 Snow Removal Policy
5008.1 Traffic and Parking, SUNY Regulations
5008.1      -     Accidents, SUNY Regulations
5008.1      -     Parking Areas, SUNY Regulations
5008.1      -     Towing & Penalties, SUNY Regulations
5009.1 Use of Facilities
5010.1      -     Event Scheduling, Coordination, & Implementation Guide
5011.1      -     Event Staffing Places of Public Assembly
5012.1      -     Free Speech, Use of Facilities by Third Parties
5013.1      -     Venue Use
  Use of a State Van/Vehicle or CAS Van
5014.3      -     Fleet Management
5015.2      -     LENS Policy

Section VI — Finance & Budget

Below, please find a list of the policies for this section of the Campus Handbook.

Policy No. Policy Title
6000.2 Acceptance of Gifts in Kind
6001.1 Anti-Sweatshop
6004.1 Campus Credit Cards
6005.1 Collection Site Guidelines
6007.1 Feinberg Library Gift
6008.1 Grant Awards to Student Athletes
6009.1 Handling Money
6010.1 Internal Control
6017.1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
6012.1 Purchasing
6014.2.P Small Claims Procedures
6018.1 Student Organization Fundraising
6015.2 Travel
6019.1 Tuition Appeal
6016.1 Use of Personal Vehicle for State Business

Section VII — Governance & Organization

Subsection I — SUNY Governance & Organization

Below, please find a list of the documents for this subsection.

Doc. No. Document Title
7000.1 SUNY Organization and Roles
7000.1      -     Board of Trustees
7000.1      -     Systems Administration
7000.1      -     University Faculty Senate

Subsection II — Institutional Governance & Organization

Below, please find a list of the documents for this subsection.

Doc. No. Document Title
7001.2 Institutional Organization and Roles
7001.2      -     President of the College
7001.2      -     Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs
7001.2      -     Vice President for Administration
7001.2      -     Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
7001.2      -     Vice President for Institutional Advancement
7001.2      -     Vice President for Student Affairs
7001.2      -     College Council
7001.2      -     Academic Deans/Deans of Faculties
7001.2      -     Administrative Organization of the Faculty

Administrative (College-Wide) Organizational Chart

  Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
7003.1      -     Academic Institute, Guidelines for
7002.1      -     Faculty Evaluation of the Faculty Deans
7004.1      -     Organizational Unit Name Change or Formation Policy
7005.3      -     Roles and Responsibilities of Department Chairs and Center Directors
7005.3           -     Removal of the Chairperson
7005.3           -     Selection of the Chairperson

Subsection III — Faculty Governance & Organization

Below, please find a list of the documents for this subsection.

Doc. No. Document Title
7006.1 Overview
7006.1 Composition of the Faculty Senate
7006.1 The Term "Faculty" 
7006.1 The Faculty Senate Consultation Role
7006.1 Faculty Senate Executive Committee Composition
7006.1 Faculty Senate Executive Committee Duties
7006.1 Faculty Senate Standing Committee Duties
7007.1 Faculty Senate Bylaws
7007.1      -     Definition
7007.1      -     Voting Faculty
7007.1      -     Powers and Responsibilities of the Faculty
7007.1      -     Officers and Representatives of the Faculty 
7007.1      -     Election of the Officers and Representatives
7007.1      -     Faculty Meetings
7007.1      -     Governance Units
7007.1      -     Governance Units Faculty Voting Status
7007.1      -     Faculty Affairs Committee
7007.1      -     Faculty Course and Program Review Committee
7007.1      -     Powers and Responsibilities of the Faculty Senate
7007.1      -     Composition of the Faculty Senate
7007.1      -     Officers of the Faculty Senate
7007.1      -     Calendar and Meetings of the Senate
7007.1      -     Executive Committee of the Senate
7007.1      -     Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate - General
7007.1      -     Standing Committee on Academic Policies
7007.1      -     Standing Committee on Curricula and Programs
7007.1      -     Standing Committee on Resources and Planning
7007.1      -     Standing Committee on General Education
7007.1      -     Standing Committee on Writing Across the Curriculum 
7007.1      -     Referendum
7007.1      -     Review
7007.1      -     Amendment
7007.1      -     Minor Changes
7007.1      -     Conflicting Interpretation
7007.1      -     Definitions/Reference

Section VIII — Health & Safety

Below, please find a list of the policies for this section of the Campus Handbook.

Policy No. Policy Title
8000.1 Campus-Wide E-Lock System
8001.1      -     E-Lock Access & Authorization
8002.1      -     E-Lock Employee/Student ID Card Policy
8003.1      -     E-Lock Key Access & Authorization
8004.1      -     E-Lock Security Electronics
8005.1      -     E-Lock Shelter-in-Place
8006.1      -     E-Lock Vendor Access to College Networks
8007.1      -     E-Lock Video Camera College-Wide
8008.1 Child and Youth Protection
8009.1 Clery Notice
8010.1 Contractor Identification
8011.1 Crime Alert & Emergency Notification Policy & Procedure
  Environmental Health & Safety
8012.2      -     Chemical Hygiene & Safety Program
8014.1      -     Video Display Terminal Ergonomics, Policy on
8015.1 Felony Arrest
8028.2 Fire Alarm Evacuation
8017.1 Hoverboards
8019.3 Maintenance of Order on Campus-Board of Trustees
8020.1 Maintenance of Order on Campus-Faculty Statement
8021.1 Maintenance of Order - Regulations and Procedures Governing Disruptive Activities of Students on Campus
1011.1 Mandatory Leave by Administrative Action
8023.1 No Contact Order Policy
8024.1 Pandemic Flu Plan
8029.1 Social Distancing & Face Covering Policy
8025.1 Tobacco-Restricted Campus Policy
8026.2 Weapons on Campus
8027.1 Workplace Violence Prevention Policy & Procedures

Below, please find a list of the policies for this section of the Campus Handbook.

Policy No. Policy Title
9001.1 Confidentiality Policy (Institutional Advancement / Plattsburgh College Foundation)
9002.3 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
9003.2      -     Student Photographs as Directory Information
5012.1 Free Speech, Use of Facilities by Third Parties for
9005.3 Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)
9006.1 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
9018.1 Housing Accommodations
9008.1 Human Subjects, Campus Policy on the Use of
9009.1 Institutional Animal Care and Use
9010.2.P Legal Proceeding Preparation (E-Discovery) Procedure
9011.1.P Overdue Compliance Training
9013.1 Recognition of Student Organizations
9014.1 Records Retention & Management Policy
9015.2 Release of Faculty/Staff/Student Information and Trade Secret Determination
9016.1 Search Warrants
9017.1 Subpoena, Subpoena Duces Tecum
9019.1 Website Privacy

Section X — Library & Information Technology

Policy No. Policy Title
10000.1 Campus Email Policy
10001.2 Computer Privacy for Employee Machines
10002.1 Copyright Observance for Computer Software
10003.1.P Data Security Procedure (Institutional Advancement)
10004.1 Digital Millennium Copyright Act Information
10005.1 Educational Tech Fee Waiver Policy
10006.1 Information Security Policy 
10007.1      -     Device & Media Controls
10008.1      -     Identity Theft Prevention Program
10009.1.P      -     Security Incident Procedures
10010.1      -     Social Security Number Policy
10011.1      -     Staff Confidentiality Training & Access
10012.1      -     Student Work ID Card Policy
10013.1      -     Workstation Use and Security
10015.2 Mass Emailing Policy
10016.1 Net ID Password Policy
10017.1 Peer To Peer (P2P)
10018.2 Reporting Cyber Security Incident
10019.2 Responsible Use of Technology

Campus Handbook Updates

Campus Handbook last updated on July 11, 2024

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