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Volunteer Employees Policy

Outlines the expectations of all volunteers performing services on campus. 

Policy Information

Policy Number Policy Owner
4042.1 Human Resource Services


  • 4.0 Policy

    There are many College departments whose services are supplemented by volunteers. In recognition of the valuable role they play, official volunteers are covered under the College's Workers' Compensation and Liability protection insurance policies. Volunteers are also entitled to representation, if required, by the Attorney General for services rendered while volunteering.

    Departments who utilize volunteers in providing College services should have each new volunteer complete an Application for Volunteer or Other Campus Services form (see Forms). The form should be signed by the volunteer and the department director authorizing any College services that will be utilized/provided to the volunteer (keys, e-mail, parking, library, telephone accounts, computer systems access, etc.).

    The completed application with the signed Background Verification Release form (see Forms) and Statement in Lieu of Oath (see Forms) should be returned to Human Resource Services. The volunteer will be provided with a copy of the Public Officers' Law upon request or can view the Public Officers Law handbook for State Employees and Officials (see Appendix).

For additional information about this policy, please contact the Policy Owner listed above.

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