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  • #You are welcome here!

    SUNY Plattsburgh is a welcoming and diverse community of students and scholars.

  • Examining the Universe within our University

    Our commitment to examining diversity & social justice inclusively involves our campus and community.

Diversity and Inclusion

At SUNY Plattsburgh we acknowledge the multiplicity of identities within each of our students, staff, and faculty. Understanding that reality, we create seemingly never ending academic opportunities to explore our differences while also considering the fact that the “Other” in varying contexts often becomes each and every one of us.

SUNY Plattsburgh engages diversity beyond the limiting confines of one-dimensional interpretations. In addition to conversations about ability, race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, and privilege we explore it in the countless songs of the world, in the laughter abounding in different dialects and languages, in professors constructing conversations that empower students to educate one another, in student organizations that break down the walls of difference, in everyone helping their neighbor, in everyone respecting the stranger.

At SUNY Plattsburgh, diversity is you, me, and everyone!

5 Reasons to Care About Diversity

  • Preparation for your future. At SUNY Plattsburgh, we embrace a responsibility to educate all of our students about diversity because it helps prepare them for leadership roles in a global society.
  • Understanding the issues increases your chances for success. It's a telling fact that more than 50 percent of Fortune 100 U.S. businesses and most universities have some type of diversity initiative taking place. Not having an understanding of one of the most significant initiatives in businesses and universities can severely inhibit your chances at success.
  • It's downright fun. Diversity conversations at SUNY Plattsburgh will likely be some of the most engaging "intellectual parties" you will ever attend during your college days.
  • Do it for the kids. If you are considering children in your future, learning about diversity will assist you in not only preparing your children to be leaders in a global society, but will also enable you to see and better understand your children’s intersectionality.
  • Do it for yourself. In the final analysis, diversity is not simply a conversation about others. Diversity is a conversation about you. Constructive conversations about diversity ultimately become personal and professional conversations about ourselves.
"Diversity and social justice at SUNY Plattsburgh is inclusively examined"

Walking The Talk

Here are some of the ways you will see our campus commitment to diversity and inclusion come to life.

  • Bias Reporting Form
     If you witness or feel that you are the target of a bias related act, you may report t here.  Reporting a Biased Act..
  • Center for Diversity Pluralism and Inclusion (CDPI)
    The Center for Diversity Pluralism and Inclusion is a valued campus resource. The office sponsors thought provoking and challenging educational programming and services to support the college’s continuous commitment to expanding the intellectual and social horizons of all our constituents
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