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Consumer Information

Consumer Information About SUNY Plattsburgh

Federal regulations and accreditation standards require institutions of higher education to report and disclose certain information to consumers, which include current and prospective students and their families, employees and the general public.

For your convenience, this webpage contains links that will direct you to information available on the SUNY Plattsburgh website. We hope this will assist you in obtaining the resources that you need or direct you to a contact person for additional guidance.

About Plattsburgh

Academic Information

Enrollment & Graduation Data

Student Financial Services

The SUNY Plattsburgh Cost and Aid website includes the following information:

  • Federal financial aid that is available to students.
  • State and local aid programs, school-aid programs, and other private aid programs.
  • How students apply for aid and how eligibility is determined.
  • How the school distributes aid among students.
  • The rights and responsibilities of student receiving aid.
  • How and when financial aid will be disbursed.
  • Terms and conditions of the federal work-study program.
  • Terms and conditions of federal student and parent loan programs, as well as information on alternative student loans.
  • The criteria for measuring satisfactory academic progress and how a student who has failed to maintain satisfactory academic progress may re-establish eligibility for federal financial aid.
  • SUNY Plattsburgh’s fiscal year 2020 official cohort default rate is 0.0. This disclosure is provided voluntarily and will be updated when new fiscal year data is released. Federal regulations require colleges whose rate is above the national average to provide rate, borrowing and repayment disclosures.

You can also read more about terms of, and schedule for, the necessity of loan repayment and required loan exit counseling.

Additional student financial aid and account information includes:

Safety & Security

Student Information

Student Concerns & Complaints

Students are entitled to paper copies of some materials upon request. Email [email protected] to request a paper copy.

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