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Campus Housing & Community Living

On-campus housing at SUNY Plattsburgh is a safe, secure, well-maintained environment where your social and academic needs are our #1 concern.

Cardinal Pledge

I will wear a mask, practice social distancing, wash my hands, avoid large social gatherings/parties, stay home when sick and inform the Health Center.


Living the #Plattslife

We’ve invested a lot in the renovations of our halls with your success in mind. We have fun, learn and grow together, and develop a strong sense of community. Living on campus will support your success!


#1 reason Juniors & Seniors stay on campus — Safety!

Learn more about safety on campus

Higher GPA

The average GPA of students living on campus is higher than those living off campus.

Student Support in Residence Halls

Students are required to live on-campus for two academic years (four semesters). Nearly all first-year and sophomore, and many junior, senior and graduate-level students live on-campus.

Students who believe they have met this requirement or one of the college’s other exemptions may request to live off campus.


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