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  • First-Year Themed Housing

    Choose FY housing and be placed on one of 8 thematic floors, around topics you have told us you’re interested in.

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  • Your Space

    We’ve dedicated 3 buildings to just first year students, and are dedicated to your success.

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First-Year Housing

First-year (FY) students can live in FY themed housing — buildings devoted first-year students only. Or, choose to live in a blended building with upper-level (sophomore and junior) students. Either way, we have highly trained staff who know how best to support you. The main difference is the focus.

First-Year Themed Housing

(Moffitt, Whiteface, Wilson)

  • First-year themed housing buildings are active, highly energetic communities
  • Students are assigned to themes in these buildings based on their interest, described in more detail below. Our team will plan programs and develop community around these themes.
  • Each floor is supported by a community advocate (CA)
  • Program supported by four additional programming assistants (PA) whose focus is solely focused on community development and programming in all three buildings.
  • Supervised by professional community hall directors (CD)

Blended Buildings

(deFredenburgh, Harrington, Macomb, Mason)

  • When possible FY students room together, but would have sophomore and/or junior-level students living in the community throughout the building
  • Each floor is supported by a CA
  • The buildings are supervised by a graduate-level CD

The choice really is yours, but if you have questions, please let us know. We are here to help and support you.

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If you choose to live in FY-themed housing, please take care to answer the questions on your housing application related to these themes as we will use them for assignment purposes.

FY-Themed Housing


Percentage of Students Living in FY-Themed Housing

Housing Manual

This document details what we provide and what we expect of you while living on campus.

Get a copy

Once you’ve paid your admissions deposit, you can submit your on-campus housing application.

Don’t wait! — first-year housing fills quickly and we make assignments on a first-come, first-served basis.

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