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Mason Hall

Mason Hall is an L-shaped, three-story, co-ed building divided into north and east wings. A main entrance and entrances on both the ends make for easy access to all areas of the building. Enjoy a view of the Saranac River!

Mason Hall

Mason Hall was dedicated on September 22, 1966, in honor of Ernest S. and Frederick E. Mason. Both were former local businessmen and members of the college council.

On the first floor, relax in a spacious lounge, grab a quick snack from the vending machines and watch a little TV with your friends. The first floor is also where you will find the community director and hall offices.

The lower level has a fully equipped laundry room and is home to the Student Mail Center. The first, second and third floors have study/lounge spaces, all with kitchenette areas.

A Great Location

Clinton Dining Hall is right next door. Mason is also relatively close to Sibley Hall, home of the psychology department, as well as The Campus Store, the Student Health and Counseling Center and Angell College Center, the center for social activities and dining on campus.

You will also enjoy a view of the Saranac River, which flows directly behind the building. 

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