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Kent Hall

Kent hall is an L-shaped, 3-story, co-ed building divided into two wings. The building reopened in 2020 after a full renovation.

Kent Hall

Dedicated September 13, 1961, in honor of James Kent, Kent Hall is currently being completely renovated. Kent was an attorney who served on the NY Supreme Court and authored the book, “Commentaries on American Law.” This book is considered one of the most widely used legal references by the American Bar Association.


Currently under renovation — will be re-opened to welcome students in the fall of 2020.

Kent Hall, has been thoughtfully designed to better meet the needs of senior level and graduate level students. Offering more privacy, flexible community space, and a focused program targeting the needs of upper level and graduate students, it is the place to be for those students. Students living in this option will be given more responsibility for keeping their spaces clean, and we will allow them to have more independence as they transition into life after College.

What can you expect in Kent:

  • Full air-conditioning
  • Suite style living with more private bathrooms
  • Laundry located on each floor
  • More independence
  • Specially selected community living team members
  • Upgraded furniture
  • A teaching kitchen on the 1st floor
  • A new dining venue located in the basement overlooking the Saranac River Walk
  • Suite style living with more private bathrooms
  • Seminar rooms and study space

Kent NEXUS is our new community living program designed to meet the needs of college seniors and graduate students. Described in more detail below, the program has been developed thoughtfully to better assist you as you move on from Plattsburgh. If you want to chat about living in Kent Hall or have any questions, just drop us an email.

What Will It Look Like?

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Kent NEXUS Program

The program will help students better understand the intricacies of life after college. Comprised of three types of programs, Process; Know Your Rights; and Skill Building, you’ll learn the things that will make you successful when you begin the next chapter of your life after Plattsburgh. Each type of program is described below and will be presented through face-to-face programs, bulletin boards, hands on teaching, or through the new TOP 5 Poster/Newsletter series specifically designed for this program.

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