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  • Yeah We’ve Got That...

    With about 150 clubs and organizations, SUNY Plattsburgh has you covered. The list of Clubs and Organizations changes each year based what students want. Pretty cool!

    Clubs and Organizations

  • Friends and Support for Life

    Our fraternity and Sorority system is a values-driven support system. Being involved means you’ll be connected to a large network of like-minded students and alumni, all helping you reach your goals.

    Fraternity and Sorority Life

  • How Do You Get Involved?

    Not sure what you want to do, or how you want to do it? Swing by the Center for Student Involvement in the College Center and chat with us, we’ll help you out.

Student Involvement at SUNY Plattsburgh

SUNY Plattsburgh believes that a strong commitment to the campus and community, leadership development, and providing fun opportunities are key elements to a successful college experience.

Some benefits to getting involved include:

  • You'll meet new people and make friends
  • You'll make more connections with faculty and staff
  • You'll feel at home faster
  • You'll try new things and stretch your boundaries
  • You'll better manage your time and stress
  • You'll gain skills and experiences that will benefit you for a lifetime
  • You'll get the most out of college


of students are members of a fraternal organization.

Learn more about Fraternity/Sorority Life


12,048 hours of community service performed by Project HELP volunteers last year.

Volunteer and Service Opportunities

Opportunities to Get Involved

Staff across campus are well-versed in the many ways for students to get involved at SUNY Plattsburgh and are here to assist you. We encourage you to explore the various sections of this site or visit us to learn more and get involved.

Exploring opportunities in the following areas often open doors for additional involvement on campus:

Don't see any opportunities that interest you? Stop by the Center for Student Involvement and we'll help connect you to other resources on campus that fit your goals and interests.

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