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  • Cultural Clubs

    With more than 70 countries represented in our student body, our cultural-themed clubs provide endless opportunities to learn about a new culture or to share your own traditions.

  • Academic Clubs

    Academic clubs are a great way to explore career opportunities, get experience in your chosen field, and make connections that could lead to internships or even a job after graduation.

  • Recreational Clubs

    Express yourself with clubs focused on sports, hobbies, music, games and so much more!

Student Clubs & Organizations

Getting involved in clubs and organizations is an important part of what makes the #PlattsLife great.

Find Your Voice On Campus

Getting involved will help you make new friends with common interests and have fun. The Student Association (SA) has approximately 100 different clubs and organizations to choose from and the list grows and changes every year. In addition to student-run clubs, many departments and offices across the SUNY Plattsburgh campus sponsor both formal and informal ways for students to get involved.


Groups that will help you learn about different cultures

Academic Honor Societies

Stand-out students are recognized with induction into one of many honor societies.

So Many Clubs, So Little Time!


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