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Sports Clubs Rules & Guidelines


Each club member must complete risk management paperwork and be a full-time SUNY Plattsburgh student, unless in the last semester prior to graduation, in order to participate each year. This paperwork will be provided to students by captains and/or the director of recreation.

  • If under 18 years of age, a liability form must be signed by parent.
  • Each member must carry personal health insurance.
  • Seasons and practices are determined and scheduled by the coach and/or captain after receiving approval from the director of recreation.

Club leaders must hold current CPR/AED/First Aid certification, and attend all practices and competitions. Club leaders are responsible for attending to emergency situations consistent with CPR/AED/FA standards until trained medical personnel arrive. A completed Student and Visitor Accident Report must be filed within 24 hours of any participant getting injured at a club practice or event.


The primary means of transportation to events is by personal vehicle. The college is not responsible for any damages or injuries related to travel. It is strongly recommended that drivers of personal vehicles obtain additional insurance. Club members wishing to transport other club members must receive LENS approval prior to traveling. To become an authorized driver, a copy of your driver’s license must be submitted to the University Police at least one week prior to the trip. Approval from University Police LENS check must be obtained. Mileage at 58 cents per mile will be paid up to a 300-mile round trip distance from Plattsburgh.


Anticipated expenditures will be submitted to the director of recreation in January for the upcoming year by the captain. The director of recreation then presents the information to the Student Association for support and educational purposes. The director must approve all expenses related to purchasing and travel in advance and is ultimately responsible for the management each club sport’s budget.

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