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Campus TV & Radio Stations

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SUNY Plattsburgh Television Station


PSTV (Plattsburgh State Television)
Campus Channel 10/Charter Cable Channel 194

PSTV is SUNY Plattsburgh’s very own television station operated by students in the Department of Communication Studies through practicum classes CMM 233 and CMM 433. It is the students who help bring together the shows that are broadcast. They do the producing, directing, acting, writing, editing, camera operation, set design, promotions and more. Every department and position that exists at other TV stations exists at PSTV.

Student-Run Radio Stations


WARP Radio

Campus Channel 10, Charter Cable Channel 194, Online

WARP Radio is a student-operated radio facility broadcasting to the local community on Charter Cable Channel 194 and Campus Channel 10. WARP Radio is also broadcast globally on the internet. WARP Radio studios are located in 136D Yokum Hall, adjacent to the audio laboratories in Yokum. WARP Radio trains students enrolled in the CMM 209 broadcast announcing practicum and CMM 409 radio management practicum courses.


93.9 WQKE FM ‘The Quake’ logo WQKE — 93.9 FM, Online

WQKE is the college’s student-run, FCC designated on-air broadcast radio facility. The “Quake’s” alternative, college-radio format broadcasts 10,000 milliwatts of power to the local community — and to a globally-available audience on the internet. WQKE reaches out to over 40,000 potential area listeners with its music, talk shows and sports programming.

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