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Plattsburgh Next

Plattsburgh Next is the college’s strategic planning process that will help guide our future. Details are included on this webpage. 

As we position ourselves for the future, it is critical that we do so in a wise, thoughtful fashion. We have thoughts and ideas that articulate what is important to us, but we have lacked a disciplined strategic plan for sometime. 
We must have this in place to discern what is most important for us to do, to invest in, to own as a flagship college of the North Country. We must also have this in place to make specific and rational decisions about how to invest our resources and define a spending plan that expresses our needs and values.
As the committee begins its work, here are a few markers to restate here:
  • We are committed to current and future students and to ensure we provide them a career-ready education anchored to a foundational liberal arts core. 
  • We have an overarching goal to be a truly inclusive academy with high accountability that holds the elimination of equity gaps as a top priority.
  • We must build on our institutional strengths. This includes business, education, health care, social justice, STEM, and sustainability.
  • We strive to become the flagship college of the North Country, create a culture of college attendance among regional community members, and to increase the number of SUNY Plattsburgh graduates who remain here as valued contributing citizens following the completion of their degrees. 
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