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Learning Center


We are excited to assist you in solving math equations, completing chemistry problems, writing thesis statements, and more! Make an appointment or walk-in to meet with a tutor!

Who We Are

The Learning Center is an open area with resources to help students become more confident in their learning. Students are encouraged to meet with a tutor by appointment or stop in during a walk-in session to review and practice class material.

You will work with qualified tutors who have been recommended to tutor a specific course by an instructor. We are a valuable resource as we offer feedback in many subject areas and develop strategies you can use when you leave the classroom.

We encourage you to:

  • Build your self-confidence
  • Become active in your education
  • Take responsibility for your learning
  • Enjoy your studies!

Ways we can help:

  • Free tutoring in many subjects
  • Individualized meetings
  • Walk-in tutoring
  • Open study
  • Academic Personal Trainers

Learning Center Quick Links

  • New Tutor FAQs

    Q: How will I know if I have a tutoring appointment with a tutee?
    A: You will receive an email each night at 10:15 p.m. letting you know the appointments that have been made that day. And, each time an appointment is made for you, a Head Tutor will put an appointment slip in the drawer at the front desk labeled: Appointment Slips. Remember to check both your emails and the drawer and take your slips with you.

    Q: What if my tutee doesn’t show up for his or her appointment?
    Tutors must wait 15 minutes for their tutees. If after 15 minutes the tutee doesn’t show, you will mark your session report accordingly. Take your sheet to the front desk and give to the Head Tutor so that the Head Tutor can put the information into the system.

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