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STAR-NY Online Tutoring Service

This program provides free online tutoring for enrolled SUNY Plattsburgh students in several subject areas. 

STAR-NY General Information

  • Online tutoring is free
  • 25 SUNY colleges participate in online tutoring as part of a shared services consortium
  • Each participating SUNY — including SUNY Plattsburgh — identifies trained and qualified tutors to provide online tutoring
  • Depending on the night, your tutor may be from SUNY Plattsburgh or may be from SUNY Morrisville, SUNY Cortland, etc.
  • Click the following link to get started: STAR-NY Online Tutoring Schedule


Fall 2021 STAR tutoring will run Wednesday, Sept. 1 through Thursday, Dec. 9, closed Labor Day, Sept. 6 and Thanksgiving break from Nov. 23–25. You can enter and use the STAR-NY site, as usual, from 7 p.m. EST until midnight. Sessions are generally an hour long. 

Tutors are Available for the Following Subject Areas:

  • Accounting: Sunday through Thursday
  • Biology: Mondays and Thursdays
  • Chemistry: Sunday through Thursday
  • Chemistry (Organic): Tuesdays
  • Computer science: Sunday through Thursday
  • Economics: Sunday through Thursday
  • Math: Sunday through Thursday
  • Nursing: Sunday through Thursday
  • Nursing math: Sunday through Thursday
  • Physics: Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Psychology: Sunday through Thursday
  • Writing: Sunday through Thursday
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