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Forms that require signatures of approval must be completed prior to submission to the registrar’s office. In lieu of signatures, electronic approvals are also acceptable when these instructions are followed:

  • Fill out all required fields on the form and save it to your device. Please note that documents shared from Google Drive will not be accepted. You must save the PDF to your device, complete it, and then send it by email as an attachment on the message. 
  • Attach the completed form to a new email generated from your @plattsburgh.edu email account.
  • Send the prepared message to the first recipient in the required signature section only. To avoid duplication please do not copy/CC anyone on your initial email other than the first signer, usually your advisor.
  • The first recipient will forward the email and form, with their approval, to the next required signer until all approvals have been collected in one email chain.
  • The final recipient should then forward the thread of approvals (with form attached) to [email protected] for processing.
  • Each person will be responsible for ensuring the accuracy and approval of the previous step. Any missing approval could result in a rejection of the submission.
  • Each form requires a separate email chain.

The email should always be forwarded (not replied to) to ensure the original form remains attached.

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