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Course Withdrawal Schedule & Procedures

Spring 2020 Course Withdrawal Procedure

Students will be allowed course withdrawal via email until the end of the spring semester, through this procedure. 

  • Prior to April 10, 2020 students should send an email to the course instructor indicating intention to withdraw from the course. The instructor will forward the email to the registrar’s office at [email protected]. All emails must be sent from their Plattsburgh email accounts. It is highly recommended that the student consult with the academic advisor prior to initiating a request for course withdrawal.
  • After April 10, 2020 there is an additional step for course withdrawal. To ensure that students receive the best guidance regarding course withdrawal, all requests must also be reviewed by the academic dean’s office. Students should initiate the request to the course instructor from their Plattsburgh email account; the instructor must then forward the request to the associate dean in each school. The requests will be sent to the registrar’s office following consultation with the student if necessary. No additional extenuating circumstances are necessary; withdrawal will be possible for students who wish to preserve their academic record and avoid a failing grade.

After this has been processed by the registrar's office, an email notification will be generated and forwarded to the student’s instructor(s) and academic advisor(s) and a grade of W will appear on the academic transcript.

Course withdrawal may affect the student's financial aid eligibility or grace period repayment, medical insurance coverage, athletic eligibility, and timely completion of degree requirements. All course withdrawals requested after March 23 will have their $20 fee waived.


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