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College Grading System & GPA Calculator

SUNY Plattsburgh Grading System

The following formula is used to calculate a cumulative grade: for every class, Quality Points are multiplied by Credit Hours. The products are added together, and the sum is divided by the total number of Credit Hours.

Quality Points Letter Grade
4.0 A
3.7 A-
3.3 B+
3.0 B
2.7 B-
2.3 C+
2.0 C
1.7 C-
1.3 D+
1.0 D
0 E

SUNY Plattsburgh GPA Calculator

This feature is intended to assist students in calculating an estimated semester GPA based on anticipated grades. Official academic transcripts will reflect all final grade determinations. The calculator takes either numeric or letter grades for input. (For example: B+, 3.0, and 4 are all valid inputs.)

Please Note: Students should feel free to visit the Office of the Registrar if they require additional assistance to calculate grades.

To Estimate your Semester GPA:

  1. Enter an alphabetical or numeric grade, along with credit hours in the appropriate fields for each class below.
  2. Next, click on "Calculate GPA" to review your results.

*Note: Results are estimates. When your actual grade is calculated, decimals will not be rounded.

GPA Calculator Form

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