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Offices & Divisions

Academic Affairs & Provost

Academic affairs builds our college commitment to student success through the curriculum and the classroom, through excellent teaching and staff support, and through scholarly research. This work is supported by our Center for Teaching Excellence, our Honors Program, our Institute for Ethics in Public Life, our Center for the Study of Canada. Further support is provided in academic affairs by Feinberg Library with its information and technology support, the Office of Academic Advising and by our Learning Center. Our commitment includes fostering student preparation for the workplace or graduate school and for life-long learning.

Administration & Finance

Administration and Finance provides essential services to our campus, local, state, federal and international customers. We are responsible for human, physical, financial and technical resources. As professionals, we navigate systems in a collaborative and sensitive way to assist the college in achieving its educational mission.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

SUNY Plattsburgh recognizes that building and fostering community is vital in enhancing diversity and inclusion on and off-campus. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’s goals and objectives are based on three imperatives; education, business, and economics. Education: Cultivating the Value of DEI; Business: Improving Student Outcomes; Economic: Expand innovative ventures with IA to increase access to higher education. The division includes the Community H.U.B. and Title IX.

Enrollment & Student Success

Enrollment and Student Success and its departments support a student’s entire collegiate experience. We partner with students, faculty and staff to provide a network of opportunities and services that lead to student success. Collectively, the Division of Enrollment and Student Success positively influences the health, safety and well-being of the student body.

Alumni Relations & Institutional Advancement

Institutional Advancement promotes a culture of philanthropy that attracts vital resources in support of SUNY Plattsburgh’s mission and strategic priorities. It houses the Plattsburgh Alumni Association, which works to keep alumni connected to the college and also provides invaluable resources and opportunities to prepare students for post-graduation success. The office also houses the Plattsburgh College Foundation, which receives and manages all private gifts to SUNY Plattsburgh.

Office of the President

The president serves as the chief executive officer of the college. The office includes related presidential and organizational operations, University Council support, public affairs, marketing and communications, government and media relations, and related matters. The office also coordinates the May and December college commencement ceremonies.

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