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  • We Care About You!

    The Division of Enrollment and Student Success is dedicated to supporting the success of each SUNY Plattsburgh student. We honor the diverse background of our students and stand ready to help you navigate your SUNY Plattsburgh experience.

  • You Are the Author of This Experience

    You have the opportunity to write your own story. Each student's story is different and expands throughout your time here. We’ll help in any way we can along the way!

  • The Best of All Worlds

    Our backyard is your classroom. You’ll live in one of the most unique places on earth, where you’ll be able to experience and learn about things that other colleges simply can’t match.

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Enrollment & Student Success

The Division of Enrollment and Student Success and its departments are here to support every student’s entire collegiate experience.

CARE Committee

SUNY Plattsburgh has our students’ well-being and success at the forefront. The CARE Committee is a team of college staff members from a wide range of offices, meeting weekly to facilitate communication, and develop support strategies for students who may be struggling personally, as well as those who may impact the health and safety of the college community at large. Called Behavior Assessment Teams (BAT), or Behavior Intervention Teams (BIT) on other campuses, our committee name reflects the true nature of the supportive culture of our campus.

From time to time our CARE Committee hosts educational workshops aimed at helping faculty and staff in identifying and intervening in student mental health or emotional concerns and informing them of campus resources that can assist them and their students.

Any member of the campus community who has a concern about the well being of any student should take steps to assist them in accessing the help they may need. Direct referrals to the appropriate office can be made or a report can be made through Cardinal Star.

In cases where a person may pose an imminent risk of violence to self or others, please contact University Police at 518-564-2022 immediately.

Members of the CARE Committee are:

  • Larry Allen, Director of Student Conduct
  • Dr. Elizabeth Bernat, Interim Director of Academic Advising
  • Dr. Kathleen Camelo, Director of Student Health and Counseling Center
  • Dr. Michele Carpentier, Asst. VP for Enrollment and Student Success
  • Cori Jackson, Interim Vice President for Enrollment and Student Success
  • Steve Matthews, Interim Dean of Students
  • Christy Minck, Assistant Director of the Counseling Center
  • Seth Silver, University Police Investigator
SUNY Plattsburgh and the students are my life and my life’s mission.
Michele Carpentier

The Enrollment & Student Success Office

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