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Upward Bound

Meet new people, experience new things, visit exciting places and go to college!

Upward Bound Program

Helping High School Students Prepare for Success in College & Beyond


Percent of UB alumni go on to pursue a college degree

59% College Graduation Rate

Rate of UB alumni compared to 31% nationally

Completely funded by the U.S. Department of Education with no charge to the student or the family.

Upward Bound at SUNY Plattsburgh is…

About Your Potential

An educational opportunity for students who have the potential to continue their education beyond high school.

About Learning and Growing

A year-round program in which you receive academic enrichment, counseling, and leadership opportunities through high school graduation.


Serving high school students in Clinton, Essex, and Franklin counties since 1966 and successfully encourages you to attend and complete education beyond high school.


For high school students who are from modest income households and/or whose parents are not four-year college graduates.

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