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Student Mail Center

Student Mail Center

Located in the basement of Mason Hall, the Student Mail Center is the place where students receive their mail, pick up packages and send mail off-campus.

If you are a faculty member, or need information on how to send or receive mail to the College, visit the Campus Mail Center.

Customer Service Window Hours:

  • Regular Hours: Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Student Access

  • Students have 24 hour access to mailboxes with the use of their ID badge, and package lockers via pin code. There are security cameras to ensure student safety.


  • We provide basic USPS services including metered stamps, local mail shipment, package shipment, and international mail shipment,
  • We also have services available through UPS, FedEx and DHL,
  • Receive, assign and notify recipients of incoming packages to be picked up and,
  • Facilitate the outgoing shipment of mail and packages,
  • Packages shipped out are charged a flat fee of $2.00 when you pay with your credit card, there is no fee when paying with Cardinal Cash.

Ship and track on your own through the US Postal Service, UPS or FedEx

PLEASE NOTE: SUNY Plattsburgh is not responsible for lost or damaged packages.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Student Mail Center

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