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Facilities Project Requests

Facilities is responsible for the planning and coordination of construction and rehabilitation projects on campus. Examples of facilities projects include:

  • Office relocations/changes to floor plans
  • Space renovations
  • Equipment installation requiring space modifications including electrical or ventilation
  • Classroom renovations
  • Athletic space renovations

After submitting your project request to Tyson Moulton, director of facilities, at [email protected], projects are evaluated for feasibility and cost and discussed with you. If facilities is able to accommodate the request within available resources, the project will be scheduled.

PROJECT request form


Space Allocation

A process to plan how spaces are utilized across our campus.

Our campus utilizes a space management system to keep this process up to date and accurate. The system is designed to be able to see what spaces are vacant or occupied by a department. It also calculates the square footage of every building and room on campus.

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