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Facilities Project Requests

Types of Facilities Projects

Facilities is responsible for the planning and coordination of construction and rehabilitation projects on campus. Examples of facilities projects include:

  • Office relocations/changes to floor plans
  • Space renovations
  • Equipment installation requiring space modifications including electrical or ventilation
  • Classroom renovations
  • Athletic space renovations

Submit a campus project request form to the director of facilities.

Start a campus project

Project Request Forms

The following process occurs after submitting your completed project request. 

  • Forms are submitted to the director of facilities and evaluated for feasibility and cost estimate. 
  • Discussions occur with the project requester.
  • If facilities is able to accommodate the request within available resources, the project will be scheduled.
  • Capital Planning Committee is intended to be a cross-campus committee evaluating project priorities. 

What is Space Allocation?

A process to plan how spaces are utilized across our campus.

How Do We Manage Space On Campus?

Our campus utilizes a space management system to keep this process up to date and accurate. The system is designed to be able to see what spaces are vacant or occupied by a department. It also calculates the square footage of every building and room on campus.

What We Need From You

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