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Classroom & Customer Support Services (CCSS)

Our services allow you to make the most of your classroom, presentation or special event activities. We also work behind the scenes to ensure a high degree of availability for key infrastructure elements.

Services for Students & Faculty

Labs and Classrooms — Technology support across campus. Learn more about our labs and classrooms.

Main Computer Lab, located on the first floor of Feinberg Library — This convenient space offers computer stations for individual and group work, plus printing services and staff assistance

Poster printing — Available to students, faculty, staff, and specific groups approved by the Student Association. Note: We cannot print for departmental accounts.

To obtain this service:

Laminating — We can laminate posters up to 24 inches for $1/foot of the largest dimension (for example, 24” x 36” = $3). We can laminate up to 10 posters within an hour. For more than 10 items, a 24-hour time period is needed. If a poster needs to be both printed and laminated, a 48-hour time period is needed.

  • Poster prints on plain paper—$1/foot of the largest dimension plus the cost of laminating.
  • Poster prints on glossy paper—$5/foot of the largest dimension

Equipment Loans — Contact the ITS Helpdesk at [email protected] to borrow digital cameras and projectors. Learn more about equipment loans.

Equipment Placements in Classrooms — Contact the ITS Helpdesk at [email protected] for information and support.

Equipment for Special Events — Contact the ITS Helpdesk at [email protected].

Software Installation Requests — Email your request to [email protected]. Please note that approval is required, and submission of a request does not imply approval. Also, be aware that compatibility limitations/restrictions may prevent the installation of certain software. 

Important: For consideration to begin, software installation requests require: 

  1. Submission of a functional copy of the software with all documentation/manuals
  2. Proof of license sufficient for the request must be provided
  3. Allowance for ample lead time to fulfill your request. Requests must be submitted two weeks in advance for classrooms and one month in advance for labs
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