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Declaring a Major

How to Declare, Change, or Add a Major/Minor/Advisor

If you are a current student wanting to declare or change your major or minor, please follow the simple steps outlined here.

STEP 1 — Obtain a copy of our Declaration or Change of Major/Minor/Advisor form. Forms available in the Academic Advising Office, Feinberg 101, OR download the form as a pdf file. Download the change of major form. NOTE — If you are a NEW student (who has not yet started classes at Plattsburgh), send an email to the Admissions Office ([email protected]) to request a different major. They will review your record to see if you meet admission criteria for the major. No form required.

STEP 2 — Complete the identifying information at the top of the form (the first three lines). Read the bulleted instructions on what section(s) to complete.

STEP 3 — If you are changing/adding a major/minor/advisor, take the form personally to the respective major department chair or minor coordinator. (See lists of chairs and coordinators in the Academic Advising Office). The department chair of your intended major will review your request (you may be asked for a copy of your Degree Works audit), assign you to a new academic advisor, and sign the form, which indicates acceptance into the major.

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