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  • The right place & the right start

  • The right place & the right start

New Student Advisement & Course Registration

Welcome new students, from the Academic Advising Office. Congratulations on your admission to SUNY Plattsburgh. As a new student we know that one of your first questions is, “How do I get registered for my courses?”

Our answer: Do your best to attend the SUNY Plattsburgh Summer Orientation program. Summer orientation attendees receive on-site, face-to-face assistance with course selection and registration. Students report feeling more prepared for college — including academic expectations — when they have gone to New Student Orientation. Even if you have attended college somewhere else, it is to your advantage to learn about SUNY Plattsburgh’s academic system.

  • During each freshman orientation session, our office provides a workshop on ingredients to academic success and how to choose and register online for classes.
  • We also facilitate a course advisement session between you and your department just prior to registering for classes — for both transfer and freshman orientations.
  • You will leave these summer advising activities with a full schedule* for the fall semester!

Whether or not you attend new student orientation, this page provides you with basic information you should know as you plan for your first semester of classes, as well as the appropriate places to contact with questions about your course registration.

Getting Registered If You Did Not Attend Orientation

If you were unable to attend orientation, the college will assist you with creating a fall schedule. To do so, please follow these steps in order:

FRESHMEN: Advisement & Registration Help

TRANSFERS: Advisement & Registration Help

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