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Degree Works Guide

Degree Works is a comprehensive degree audit tool that helps you and your advisor keep track of your bachelor’s degree requirements. Even before you start your first semester, you have online access to your first Degree Works audit report. As you progress in your SUNY Plattsburgh education, your report is continuously updated to reflect any change to your academic record (e.g., grades earned, requirements fulfilled, changes in your major/minor).

The Degree Works Audit Report includes important information, such as:

  • Your basic academic information (e.g., name, major, advisor’s name, BannerID number);
  • Placement and proficiency exam results;
  • Overall “College degree requirements” (e.g., your cumulative GPA, major GPA, number of credits earned);
  • Your “major requirements;”
  • Your “General Education requirements;”
  • All courses awarded as transfer/AP credit from prior institutions (if any); and
  • Links to course descriptions and future offerings of courses.

It is important that you review your Degree Works report each semester. Though you have plenty of assistance from your academic advisor, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure you have completed all requirements for your degree.

View Your Degree Works Report

You have 24/7 access to your DW report. Follow these steps to review and print your Degree Works Report prior to your course advisement meeting (or at any time).

  • Step 1 — Visit the SUNY Plattsburgh homepage: plattsburgh.edu. Go to your MyPlattsburgh account, and login with your Plattsburgh netID and password. Select the Students tab.
  • Step 2 — Under the Degree Audit/Information (left-hand side of the page) click SUNY Degree Works Login. In the new window, under the options for Your Campus, select Plattsburgh. Enter your Plattsburgh netID and password and click login.
  • Step 3 — Once logged into Degree Works, click Worksheets on the left side of the page. If you wish to print your Degree Works report, click on “Save as PDF” and print from the new window that opens.

Degree Works Help — The “HELP” tab in Degree Works offers an easy yet comprehensive reference to understanding each section of your audit report. If you have a question about something specific on your DW audit report or need to report a problem, contact the registrar’s office at [email protected]

Explore the “What If” feature — You may generate a hypothetical Degree Works report to show what your requirements and degree progress would look like if you changed your major or minor. To use this tool, from your Degree Works homepage, on the left margin, click “What-If.” From the drop-down menus, “Pick a Major” and/or “Pick a Minor.” Your choice(s) will appear in the “Chosen Areas of Study” box. Click on gray tab “Process What-If.” You may repeat this process with as many different scenarios as you wish! (Creating a “What-If” report does not officially change your major or minor, but you can print the temporary report to discuss with advisory resources).

Degree Works Tutorial

This 12-minute Degree Works screencast will help you to interpret the most essential blocks of information on your Degree Works report.

Watch the Degree Works Tutorial

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