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Walk-In Tutoring Sessions

Just want a refresher on how to complete a problem? Need to talk with a tutor to start a paper and then you’re set? Forget to make an appointment with your tutor this week? A walk-in might be just want you need!

Fall 2019 Walk-In Schedule Coming in September!

Please check back regularly, as our schedule changes frequently.


  • Do Tutors Assist During Finals Week?
    We do not offer appointments during finals week. but rather walk-in review sessions. Our tutors are not required to tutor, but it is our hope that we can have coverage for our high demand subject areas. These sessions can be between the hours of noon–9 p.m. and can last two-three hours. We tend to have a high number of students attending these sessions so it’s important to note that the tutor will not be able to answer all of your questions. We strongly encourage you to attend walk-ins throughout the entire semester so that the final walk-in session is a productive one.
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