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deFredenburg Hall

deFredenburgh Hall is a ten-story, high rise, suite building with co-ed living conditions.

deFredenburgh Residence Hall

deFredenburgh Hall was dedicated on March 13, 1970, in honor of Count Charles deFredenburgh, who was the first European settler in the area. He was the founder of a settlement called Freburg which occupied the sight of present day Plattsburgh.


The first floor houses the Community Director’s office, the Hall Office, a recreation room with a piano, ping pong and pool tables.

A TV lounge and small computer lab is also located on the main floor with vending conveniently located in the lobby area.

In the lower level, there are study rooms, music rooms and a laundry room which is fully equipped with washers and dryers.

All floors in deFredenburgh have their own floor lounge with a full kitchen and television viewing area.

Fun Things to Do Near deFredenburgh Hall

Adjacent to deFredenburgh Hall are Clinton Hall. deFredenburgh is also relatively close to outdoor recreational facilities.

It is near one of the largest on-campus parking lots.

The picturesque Saranac River Trail is a nice venue for biking, jogging or a refreshing walk.

It is also close to Sibley Hall, one of the academic facilities on campus.

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