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  • All This Included?

    Yup, all part of the room fees; unlimited use of laundry facilities, WIFI and wired internet, and a free movie-streaming site.

  • Your Safety & Security Matter

    Living in the residence halls means that you’ll be in an environment that was designed with safety and security in mind. Our doors are controlled by ID card access, we have our own police force and staff members living on each floor.

  • A Place to Have Fun & Learn

    We’ve thought about the time you won’t be in class, or doing homework. Our residence halls have lots of fun activities built in and we’ll plan a bunch for you as well.

Residence Halls

Nice Buildings, Dedicated People

Following a master plan, we have been renovating our residence halls, one per year, to provide our students with the best housing and residence life experience we can. From new amenities, modern designs and more environmentally friendly buildings, our students tell us we’ve hit the mark.

But buildings are only half of the story. The professional and student team members complete the equation. We hire, train, and mentor some of the best SUNY Plattsburgh students who are filling roles on our residence life team. We are all here to support our on-campus students’ success through the community we develop, the programs we deliver and the skills we facilitate.

Meet our Staff


Each year we hire CDs and CAs to help us. Join us!

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You Are Here

Need a map to see where the buildings are located?

Directions and Maps

Renovation Plan

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking, planning and researching ways to make our residence halls better — for you! We’ve also spent a lot of money renovating our buildings, one per year, to see those plans through.

We think you’ll love what you see and where you’ll live.

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