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Wilson Hall

Wilson Hall is the largest residence hall on campus. It is a nine-story high-rise, co-ed building arranged in corridor style, with each floor having its own small study lounge. Enjoy a great view of campus.

Wilson Hall

Wilson Hall was dedicated in 1970 in honor of Lewis W. Wilson. Mr. Wilson was associated with the New York State Education Department for 43 years and served as Commissioner of Education from 1950-1955.


Wilson Hall was fully renovated in 2017.

The first floor houses the community director’s office, hall office and tons of programming and lounge space.

Each floor has it’s own study lounge, social lounge and kitchenette space.

Each floor has six private bathroom pods, each containing a toilet and shower.

In the basement, there is a recreation lounge and a fully-equipped laundry room.

Fun Things to Do Near Wilson Hall

Adjacent to Wilson Hall is Clinton Dining Hall.

Wilson is also relatively close to the outdoor recreational facilities, which include six tennis courts, and is near one of the largest on-campus parking lots.

Another attractive feature of Wilson Hall is its proximity to Sibley Hall, one of the academic facilities on campus.

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