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    Life on-campus is vibrant, safe, fun, and as worry free as you’ll get. We’ve covered nearly all the amenities you’ll need or want!


    Students find our campus dining facilities do more than just sustain them; they enrich their experience!


    Students from all over the world live in our halls and we develop fun and innovative programs to add to your education.

Living on Campus

Our residence hall community is truly where it is at. You’ll get connected, find support, and be a part of the campus. Students are required to live on campus for two academic years (four semesters). Nearly all first-year and sophomore students, as well as many junior, senior and graduate-level students live on campus.

Stay on Campus, Stay in School!


Living on campus you are 13% more likely to stay enrolled

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Higher GPA

Junior- and senior-level students, on average, have a GPA 5–10% higher than their counterparts living off campus.

Customized Housing to Meet Your Needs

Housing at SUNY Plattsburgh offers a safe, secure, well-maintained environment — and we’ve customized it to meet your needs.

We address your academic, personal and social needs and our residence halls provide opportunities for you to be a leader, interact with others and gain the support you need for success — and of course just hang out with your friends in our well-equipped lounges. You’ll have access to TVs, pool tables, ping-pong tables and lots of other entertainment! Living on campus is fun, exciting and can be challenging, but you’ll be part of an understanding and respectful community, too.

What’s more, we’ve customized our housing options and programs to meet your unique needs. Students are housed in double rooms and limited single rooms. Occasionally, we will need to place some first-year students in triples based on the spaces available, but we guarantee that the first 650 incoming students to apply for housing will not be placed in a triple.

Guide to On-Campus Living

Details About Residence Hall Rooms

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