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Campus Housing and Community Living Team

Our Campus Housing and Community Living Team strives to provide opportunities for students to be leaders and active members of the Plattsburgh Community. Your success is our goal.

Our Team

We are here to help maintain a safe and secure environment where all students are able to study and socialize safely. We create an atmosphere in the residence halls and on campus, that is conducive to self-direction, academic achievement, inclusiveness, social and cultural maturity, and self-discipline.

We employ:

  • 102 Community Advocates
  • 11 Community Directors

In our First Year Housing buildings, we have 2 Community Advocates (CA) on each floor.

In our non-First Year Housing buildings we have one CA per floor in high-rise buildings and one CA per section in low-rise buildings.

Each building is supervised by a Community Director (CD).

Every night from 7:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. there is a CA on duty who does regular rounds in the building and is on-call in case of emergency, answering a special duty line within each building.

Community Directors (CD)

Eight of our CDs are graduate students who have gone through a thorough selection and training process. The role of the CD is that of a liaison between the Student Affairs Professional Staff, the CAs and resident students. The CD serves as a behavior model offering assistance and direction to CAs and students.

Three of our 11 CDs are full-time professional staff who oversee our First-Year Residence Halls. They have received their Master’s degrees and have gone through a thorough hiring and training process.

Community Advocates (CA)

The CAs are generally undergraduate students and have gone through a comprehensive selection and training process. The role of the CA is that of a liaison between the Student Affairs staff (as well as other administrative personnel) and the students. The CA's primary function is to act as a role model, offering peer assistance, programs, peer assistance and direction to students.

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