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Policy Library

Guiding and enabling our campus community to uphold our values and expectations.


SUNY Plattsburgh has a long tradition of policymaking. There are hundreds of academic, administrative, and unit policies establishing expectations for our community. In a world of ever-increasing scrutiny and demands for accountability, effective policies are more critical than ever.

Policy and Procedure Basics

Learn more about the three types of policies established at our campus.

  • What is a policy?

    A policy is formally documented statement of principles and expectations used to direct decisions and guide behavior on a specific topic or area. Policies:

    • Support compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations;
    • promote operational efficiency and consistency;
    • reduce organizational risk; and
    • enhance SUNY Plattsburgh’s mission, vision, and values.

    Policies must be consistent with applicable laws, rules, and regulations and be officially approve through the appropriate policy review process.

Policy Development Process

Administrative Policies

Writing Guide

 Frequently Asked Questions

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