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Black Solidarity Day

Campus wide social justice teach-in.

Social Justice Teach-In

Monday, November 7, 2022

This is the first year Black Solidarity Day is part of the SUNY Plattsburgh Academic Calendar and will be held annually on the first Monday of November.

In recognition of Black Solidarity Day, our campus is hosting a social justice teach-In, featuring programming about racial justice, anti-racism, and social justice. Events are led by students, staff, faculty, and community groups, held all over campus.

This is a day to meditate on the meaning of social justice and civic engagement in what could be a multi-racial democracy. Black Solidarity Day is meant “to highlight racial injustices, societal inequities, and to illuminate how Black voices are integral to American life” and our college community. We invited students, faculty, staff, and community members to contribute teach-in sessions that speak directly to the meaning of Black Solidarity Day and/or that engages with social justice, broadly defined. Learn more about the origins of Black Solidarity Day

Members of the media: Access the media kit created by our students




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