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Together in Dialogue

Join us in our effort to promote racial equity and healing across our campus and community.

Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Campus Center

In October 2021 SUNY Plattsburgh was selected to host a new Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation (TRHT) Campus Center by the AAC&U and W.K. Kellogg Foundation. 

SUNY Plattsburgh is now one of 48 TRHT Campus Centers nationwide and the only SUNY campus to be selected in this competitive selection process. By becoming a TRHT Campus Center, we partner with the AAC&U and W.K. Kellogg Foundation to pursue the shared goal of preparing the next generation of leaders and thinkers to break down racialized practices and to dismantle the belief in a hierarchy of human value (AAC&U, 2021).

Our Vision

Our campuses will be a crucible for conversation that can dismantle historical racial narratives, sentiments and systems related to the hierarchy of human value between students, among inward community values and among outward facing community members. As such, we aim to recruit and retain a racially diverse student body, faculty and staff.

We need to create a society that’s filled with more empathy regarding racially lived experiences. We need to acknowledge the painful history of slavery, racism, prejudice and discrimination against BIPOC individuals in this country. We need to have these uncomfortable conversations concerning race in order to heal and progress as a collective whole.
Tryphena Quaicoe, Graduate Assistant for Multicultural Initiatives, ’22

TRHT Rx Racial Healing™ Circles

The Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion hosts dialogue opportunities that bring together cross-racial groups to share stories, disrupt unjust narratives and behaviors and to speak as a collective.

Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Rx Racial Healing™ Circles­­ are open to any student, staff, faculty, or community members who wish to come together in dialogue. Please join us and speak your truths. See the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion campus calendar for dates and times of future Rx Racial Healing™ Circles and other TRHT Center events.

We need to offer space for others to talk openly and freely and discuss difficult yet important issues. Participating in these spaces was eye opening and empowering. 
Abby Barnes, Graduate Assistant, ’22, Counselor Education Program

About Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation

I was never taught how to talk about race or anything that could be deemed “controversial.” In the past I struggled with finding my voice because I was so afraid to say the wrong thing, while at the same time being aware of the urgent necessity to break down that apprehension. The Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation circles helped me to find my voice in the conversation.
Bridget Haina, Associate Professor of Digital Media Production

Our TRHT Campus Center

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