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Use of Facilities Policy

The campus supports the use of University-controlled facilities by non-commercial organizations for certain purposes and under certain circumstances. 

Policy Information

Policy Number Policy Owner
5009.1 College Auxiliary Services


  • 4.0 Policy

    It is the policy of the State University of New York, in order to further its commitment to education, research and public service, to support the use of University-controlled facilities by non-commercial organizations where the purposes of such use are not provided by the University or the campus and are consistent with or in furtherance of University purposes and where such use does not infringe upon, delay or conflict with the normal operation of the University’s.

    In making its facilities available to non-commercial organizations, it is the intent of the University not to compete with private business enterprises having similar facilities of adequate capacity to accommodate the needs of the organizations. Information concerning the availability of campus facilities shall be provided through appropriate channels. Public advertisements for non-commercial organization activities shall be approved by the campus president.

    Campus support systems, such as telephone, duplicating and printing, and mail and messenger may be provided to non-commercial organizations authorized to use University facilities under this policy where authorized by the campus president, if the campus is reimbursed for such services. Computer services may also be provided to non-commercial organizations subject to the provisions of the University policy on computer services.

    Auxiliary services, such as food, legal beverages, vending machines and bookstore, shall not be provided to non-commercial organizations either directly by the campus or through the auxiliary services corporation except as may be incidentally related to other uses of facilities approved under this policy.

    Non-commercial organizations whose purposes are to provide charitable or public benefit services, may charge an admission fee or accept donations subject to pertinent state and local laws and approval of the campus president. Where admission fees are charged or donations are accepted, the organization shall make it known in all publicity that the proceeds are for the benefit of the organization and not the University.

    Revocable Permit Issuance

    A revocable permit to each non-commercial organization authorized to use campus facilities in accordance with this policy and the campus policies and procedures. The campus must ensure that the space provided is suitable for the proposed use and that the use conforms to building and fire codes.

    Each revocable permit issued in the name of the University on behalf of the campus and the non-commercial organization shall require that the organization:

    1. observe established University and campus regulations and policies;
    2. indemnify the University from any liability arising out of the actions of the non-commercial organization or its agents incidental to the use of the facilities by the organization;
    3. reimburse the University for any damage (beyond normal wear and tear) to the facilities resulting from their use;
    4. compensate the University for the use of the facilities;/p>
    5. provide evidence of appropriate insurance protection or, subject to campus determination; reimburse the campus for the prorated share of insurance purchased on behalf of non-commercial organizations covering property damage, personal injury or death arising out of the use of University facilities. New York State agencies are exempt from this requirement inasmuch as the State of New York is a self-insurer, and
    6. ensure its use is in compliance with building and fire codes.

For additional information about this policy, please contact the Policy Owner listed above. 

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