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Campus Handbook Section V: Facilities, Assets & Property

This section of the Campus Handbook details policies and procedures related to the management or use of facilities, vehicles and other college-owned property. Examples of policies and procedures found in this section include Event Scheduling, Coordination, and Implementation, Fleet Management, Property Control, and other Snow Removal Policy. Approved policies are listed in alphabetical order below.

Please note that this section relates to policies related to the use of facilities, vehicles, assets and college property.

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Facilities, Assets & Property Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

Policy No. Policy Title
5017.1 Camping on Campus Policy
5001.1 Naming Guidelines
5002.4 Policy for Promoting Activities in Residence Halls
5004.1 Property Control Policy & Procedure (Inventory)
5005.1 Signage & Wayfinding Program
5016.1 Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Drone
5006.1 Snow Removal Policy
5008.1 Traffic and Parking, SUNY Regulations
5008.1      -     Accidents, SUNY Regulations
5008.1      -     Parking Areas, SUNY Regulations
5008.1      -     Towing & Penalties, SUNY Regulations
5009.1 Use of Facilities
5010.1      -     Event Scheduling, Coordination, & Implementation Guide
5011.1      -     Event Staffing Places of Public Assembly
5012.1      -     Free Speech, Use of Facilities by Third Parties
5013.1      -     Venue Use
  Use of a State Van/Vehicle or CAS Van
5014.3      -     Fleet Management
5015.2      -     LENS Policy


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