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Campus Signage Policies

This document supports and and helps to maintain a welcoming campus and improve the on-campus experience for the campus community.

Policy Information

Policy Number Policy Owner
5005.1 Strategic Communications/Marketing


  • 4.0 Policy

    The College’s Signage and Wayfinding Standards Manual (“Manual”) and the terms of this policy shall apply to all college-owned facilities and is encouraged, where permissible, at leased facilities. All signage and wayfinding intended to be posted on College property must adhere to the expectations outlined in this document and the Manual. The College reserves the right to remove signage that does not conform to this policy.

    Authorized Parties
    Unless otherwise permitted, only college departments; recognized student organizations; or individual faculty, staff, and students may place signage on College property.

    Adherence to Graphic Standards
    Consistent adherence to graphic standards is vital in establishing the SUNY Plattsburgh identity. Therefore, all signage must adhere to SUNY Plattsburgh’s established and approved style guidelines maintained by Strategic Communications/Marketing and outlined in the Signage and Wayfinding Standards Manual (See Appendix). These guidelines cover graphic standards (Including typeface/color palette); writing style and usage; and web style usage in print ads, PowerPoint presentations, and web applications.

    Adherence to Location-Specific Guidelines and Procedures
    Certain locations on campus have established location-specific guidelines and procedures (See Section VII). Signage may only be posted in these specific locations if it conforms to these guidelines and procedures.

    Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Fire Code
    All signs and installation specifications must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”) as amended as well as OSHA, state and other federally mandated regulations. In addition, all interior signage must comply with the National Fire Protection Association Codes and Standards, as amended and updated.

    Use of Logo and Seal
    Only college-affiliated departments and programs or recognized student organizations may use the college seal or logo. Permission from the Director of Marketing must be obtained before use of the college seal or logo is allowed on any third-party materials or collateral pieces.

    The Signage and Wayfinding Standards Manual policy does not apply to OSHA-mandated signage in buildings and facilities, and other signage as mandated by the latest ANSI A117.1 standards. In addition, for events with large numbers of individuals in attendance where traffic control may become a concern (e.g. graduation ceremonies, sporting events, Alumni Reunions, Open House, Opening Day, Summer Orientation, and other very large community events), sandwich boards, TV signs or other means of communicating information can be utilized to direct traffic to designated parking areas. This decision will be made by event planners in consultation with the appropriate campus unit(s).

For additional information about this policy, please contact the Policy Owner listed above.

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