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Branding & Style Guidelines

The SUNY Plattsburgh brand is more than a logo — its the promise of an experience and a powerful tool to identify and amplify our dynamic campus. 

Brand Resources

When the entire campus community follows the same editorial and graphic standards, a consistent brand, message and identity is created. Branded resources are available below and we encourage their use whenever possible. 

Please do not alter SUNY Plattsburgh logos in any way. For assistance creating a logo for your organization or department, and for help with any project requiring the use of SUNY Plattsburgh’s brand or logo, use the multimedia and graphics project request form.

Download Brand & Style Guidelines

Graphic Elements

Editorial Guidelines

The following information is provided to help standardize common terminology used most often by editorial staff in the promotion and marketing of SUNY Plattsburgh. Members of the college community are encouraged to adapt the information when preparing copy for publications, the web, news articles, etc. For items not covered here, please consult the Associated Press Stylebook and/or Webster’s New World Dictionary.

Editorial Elements

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