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Recognition of Student Organizations Policy

Outlines the steps that student organizations must take in order to be recognized.

Policy Information

Policy Number Policy Owner
9013.1 Center for Student Involvement


  • 4.0 Policy

    In order to operate on SUNY Plattsburgh’s campus, organizations with student membership are required to receive recognition from an approved student governing entity or the College and to have that recognition reaffirmed annually.   

    Recognition conveys a number of privileges including the following:

    • Utilize “SUNY Plattsburgh” in their organization name;
    • request funds through the appropriate funding process;
    • utilize campus facilities;
    • utilize certain campus services (e.g. Printing and Duplication or Campus Dining Services);
    • publicize themselves through any of the following methods:
      • hanging posters on campus posting spaces;
      • advertise on Angell College Center Marquee;
      • posting messages on computer lab screen savers; or
      • other appropriate means.

    The decision to grant recognition lies with the appropriate student governing entity or the College.  However, all prospective organizations are required to first submit their documentation to the Committee on Student Organization Recognition (“COSOR”).  This committee will review the application, make a determination of which entity is most appropriate to recognize the organization based on the following criteria (in descending order):

    • Student organizations that include non-students (faculty, staff, or community members) as members or officers must be recognized by the College through the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Success;
    • sports clubs must be recognized by the College through the Office of Recreational Sports;
    • fraternal organizations must be recognized by Interfraternity Council (“IFC”), Inter-Sorority Association (“ISA”), the Committee on Fraternal Affairs, and finally the College;
    • organizations that are intrinsically linked to the residence halls must be recognized by the College through the Office of Campus Housing and Community Living;
    • student organizations comprised of, and open to all, Student Association members must be recognized by the Student Association;
    • all other organizations must be recognized by the College through the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Success.

    In addition, the COSOR will review the organization to determine if it has a unique purpose, the liability posed by the organization, its risk management plan, and the resources requested. Based on this information, the COSOR will provide recommendations to the appropriate governing entity. In the event that the committee determines that the organization should be recognized by the College, the COSOR will make a recommendation to the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Success. All recognized organizations are expected to comply with the policies as stipulated in the current edition of the Student Club, Organization, and Intercollegiate Athletic Conduct Manual. Recognized organizations are also expected to comply with all applicable College policies including, but not limited to, the Signage and Wayfinding Policies and Procedures and current College naming conventions (e.g. SUNY Plattsburgh, not Plattsburgh State University). In addition, no organization is permitted to utilize the official college logo or any element of the brand identity. All unrecognized organizations are prohibited from operating on the campus. All monies used to support recognized organization activities must be deposited in an account administered by the College or an agency account administered by College Auxiliary Services. Under no circumstances may personal accounts be utilized to conduct recognized organization activities. All student organizations recognized by the College as of February 2015 are considered recognized and do not need to apply for recognition. However, such organizations will need to seek reaffirmation as stated in section 7.9 of this document beginning Fall 2015. Please note that this policy does not apply to organizations solely comprised of faculty and/or staff or non-student community members.

For additional information about this policy, please contact the Policy Owner listed above.

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