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Promoting Activities in Residence Halls Policy

Expresses the permitted postings in campus residence halls. 

Policy Information

Policy Number Policy Owner
5002.4 Residence Life


  • 4.0 Policy

    The Housing and Residence Life Office has the following policy regulating what we will permit to be posted in the residence halls. We limit the amount of flyers or posters that are posted throughout the residence halls (i.e., on all floors) due to the need to enforce Fire Code Regulations, the limited bulletin board space found on each floor and in cooperation with the Campus Committee for Environmental Responsibility to lessen our ecological footprint. We ask those offices or departments and student organizations who have interest in publicizing events and opportunities to residents on campus to work within the following parameters:


    • Please send or bring all flyers/posters to be hung in residence halls to the Housing Office in 103 Algonquin Hall. We will distribute them to our staff to be hung.
    • All flyers/posters are limited in size to 11" x 17" due to space restrictions.
    • Most postings will be limited to one per residence hall that will be hung in the main lobby area of each building. Please provide 13 copies of each posting. (Call 564-3824 to verify number before printing.)
    • There will be the occasional poster/flyer that will be approved to be hung up on the floors of residence halls, e.g., events or programs that are determined to be important to the functioning of the college. (Once again, please contact Housing & Residence Life at 564-3824 to determine numbers before printing.)
    • All postings that have not been distributed through the Housing Office and are hung up randomly through residence halls will be taken down and discarded.
    • No flyers promoting the use of alcohol or any illegal substance or events at local bars will be permitted.

    Stuffing Mailboxes

    We will not permit stuffing of student mailboxes with items that are not individually mailed to them. Exceptions are Voter Registration forms, US Census forms or other distributions required by federal or state mandates.

    Sliding Items Under Doors

    We will not permit offices/departments or student organizations to canvas residence halls by slipping materials into students' rooms by sliding items under doors. Such a practice is an invasion of privacy and a number of residents have resented this unwanted "clutter" in the past.

    It is our belief that the residence halls and our staff are important vehicles to get the word out about the many opportunities on campus. We are committed to assist you in promoting your programs and activities. Thank you for understanding the need to provide guidelines on how to disseminate information.

For additional information about this policy, please contact the Policy Owner listed above.

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