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Event Scheduling, Coordination & Implementation Guide Policy

This guide describes how users can gain access to and utilize campus facilities.

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College Auxiliary Services


  • 4.0 Policy

    I. Introduction SUNY Plattsburgh facilities are intended for the primary use of supporting campus approved academic and co-curricular programs and events. SUNY Plattsburgh gives usage priority to recognized college organizations, groups, departments, faculty, staff or student activities.

    II. Space prioritization is as follows:

    1. Courses, exams, official academic events
    2. College sponsored events
    3. Department/faculty/staff events
    4. Student groups and events
    5. External groups and requests that are not official college business

    Beyond this SUNY Plattsburgh recognizes its role as a public institution in the state and the local community, and can make appropriate facilities available for events sponsored by other groups as long as those events do not conflict with institutional priorities or adversely impact the college's resources.

    The physical facilities of the campus may be used for a variety of events including public events, if appropriate reservations are made and event information is provided to assure successful implementation of the event and the orderly use of facilities.

    III. There are six sets of users that may use the SUNY Plattsburgh campus for events. User is a department, organization or agency, on or off campus, responsible for an event held in SUNY Plattsburgh facilities. They are:

    1. SUNY Plattsburgh student organizations
    2. Campus-based offices and departments
    3. College-recognized student groups or department sponsored events
    4. External group events
    5. Sports camps
    6. Co-sponsored events — college department with external group


    Location Contact

    Phone Number

    Academic Space Registrar’s Office: Katherine Dunham



    Angell College Center Regan Ashline


    Athletic Space
    1. Field House: Kelci Henn
    2. Memorial Hall: Melissa LaMere

    2. Memorial: 518-564-4536

    Conference & Event Services College Auxiliary Services: Amanda Prenoveau 518-564-3054
    CPR Training Room Exercise & Nutrition Sciences: Terrence Vance 518-564-4304
    Giltz Auditorium & Krinovitz Recital Hall (Hawkins Hall) Sarah McCarty 518-564-3201
    Myers, Hartman Theatre & Black Box Theater Jennifer Matott 518-564-2180

    Event Scheduler contacts all appropriate campus offices to request services. CAS acts as a one-stop shop for all facets of event-planning and implementation. Jennifer Matott only facilitates on-campus groups that schedule Hartman Theatre and the Black Box Theatre.

    Sarah McCarty, Event Scheduler for Giltz & Krinovitz contacts all appropriate campus offices to request services.


    Rental Fees: The College incurs expenses for every use of facilities and services. A reasonable charge will be made to cover costs of such facilities, including utilities, security, janitorial service, facility set up, audiovisual or technical equipment and other necessary expenses. Academic, administrative departments, SA-recognized and college-recognized student groups will not be charged facility fees when using college facilities, grounds, or equipment for events corresponding to their mission that serves SUNY Plattsburgh students, faculty, staff, or alumni participants. All other events, including those sponsored by college groups or departments for non-college groups, will result in charges for facility use fees and other related expenses.

    Activities exempt from facility rental fees include: Programs, presentations or short courses sponsored by college departments for the express purpose of offering intellectual pursuit, current event information or entertainment to the college and community. Examples: Department sponsored presentations free and open to the public; Summer Safari at SUNY children's programs; SAT Review Course.

    Additional Fees: All facility users are responsible for the cost of services (e.g. food service, printing, mailing, tangible items, overtime fees, administrative fees, etc.) provided by the College. Upon request, the Conference and Event Services staff will meet with the group to assess services and facility charges.

    Co-Sponsorship Facility Liability Insurance Waiver: In order for an external group to qualify for co-sponsorship and insurance waiver, the group must directly benefit the College and the activity must directly relate to the sponsoring department or organization. All sponsored functions must comply with the rules and regulations governing events held at SUNY Plattsburgh. Any program or written materials connected with or advertising a sponsored event will indicate that the event is co-sponsored by SUNY Plattsburgh. The SUNY Plattsburgh Department or Organization requesting the fee waiver must fill out an Event Co-Sponsorship Form (attached) available from Conference and Event Services, College Auxiliary Services, Clinton Hall. Approval or denial is made by the Events Policies and Procedures Committee.

    Please contact the Conference and Event Services Office at College Auxiliary Services for detailed Facility, Audiovisual and Tech Staff Fees at 518-564-3201.

For additional information about this policy, please contact the policy owner listed above.

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