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Summer Session Employment Policy

This document outlines the policies and procedures governing the selection of faculty for summer and winter session appointments and the basis for compensation for those instructors.

Policy Information

Policy Number Policy Owner
1019.2 Vice President for Academic Affairs


  • 4.0 Policy

    The provost and vice president for academic affairs and deans are responsible for determining the course offerings during the summer and winter sessions and the selection of faculty.

    The determination of course offerings will be based primarily on the needs of potential students while the selection of faculty shall take into account the following factors of competence:      

    • Quality of classroom teaching.
    • Teaching experience in terms of the specific courses to be taught.
    • Formal preparation for college teaching including advanced degrees.
    • Capacity to perform necessary services to the college other than classroom teaching.

    A limited number of visiting staff members will be appointed each summer and winter with the following considerations being made:

    •  The number of outside staff members appointed shall be held to a minimum in order that a maximum number of regular staff members may be given the opportunity for summer and winter assignments.
    • Visiting staff members shall be selected on the basis of their ability to broaden the instructional program which our graduate students had during their four years of undergraduate study.
    • When possible, visiting professors shall be well known in order that their presence on campus may add to the prestige of the program.
    • Whenever possible, the provost and the vice president for academic affairs and the dean shall arrange for an equitable exchange of professors, so that visitors to this campus in turn create for our regular staff member’s summer or winter positions on their campuses.
    • Recruitment for visiting staff members must comply with affirmative action guidelines.

    Undergraduate courses enrolling fewer than six students may be cancelled unless permission is granted for extenuating circumstances. 

    Summer and winter session faculty shall typically be paid per credit hour based on the number of students officially enrolled on Banner at the end of the add/drop period. If enrollment drops below six students by the end of the add/drop period, the instructor shall be compensated at the rate for six students.   In the event that a course enrolls no students or an undergraduate course is cancelled due to low enrollment, the faculty will receive no pay or stipend.   

For additional information about this policy, please contact the policy owner listed above.

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