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Shelter In Place/Evacuation Policy

Outlines the campus' expectations during emergency situations in which occupants should either evacuate their building or shelter-in-place.

Policy Information

Policy Number Policy Owner

Information Technology Services
University Police
Emergency Management


  • 4.0 Policy

    The campus emergency notifications systems are very important and an effective means of alerting people to evacuate their building or to shelter-in-place. If a fire is detected, the buildings fire alarm system will activate automatically. When a fire alarm is activated, it is essential for all building occupants to evacuate and remain at a safe assembly area at least 150 feet from the building until a signal to re-enter has been given by a building contact (administrative buildings), R.A./R.D (residential buildings), Emergency Management or University Police.

    During a campus violent emergency, it may be necessary to shelter in place or remain in a location where there is less risk of becoming a victim of violence. Whenever possible, identify a sheltering in place location nearby your work area/classroom where you and your fellow occupants should remain during an emergency.

For additional information about this policy, please contact the Policy Owner listed above.

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