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Campus Handbook Section VIII: Health & Safety

This section of the Campus Handbook details policies and procedures related ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of all members of the campus community. Examples of policies and procedures found in this section include Pandemic Flu Plan, Crime Alert Policy and Procedure, and the Chemical Hygiene and Safety Program. Approved policies are listed in alphabetical order below. 

Please note that this section primarily relates to health and safety matters  

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Health & Safety Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

Below, please find a list of the policies for this section of the Campus Handbook.

Policy No. Policy Title
8000.1 Campus-Wide E-Lock System
8001.1      -     E-Lock Access & Authorization
8002.1      -     E-Lock Employee/Student ID Card Policy
8003.1      -     E-Lock Key Access & Authorization
8004.1      -     E-Lock Security Electronics
8005.1      -     E-Lock Shelter-in-Place
8006.1      -     E-Lock Vendor Access to College Networks
8007.1      -     E-Lock Video Camera College-Wide
8008.1 Child and Youth Protection
8009.1 Clery Notice
8010.1 Contractor Identification
8011.1 Crime Alert & Emergency Notification Policy & Procedure
  Environmental Health & Safety
8012.2      -     Chemical Hygiene & Safety Program
8014.1      -     Video Display Terminal Ergonomics, Policy on
8015.1 Felony Arrest
8028.2 Fire Alarm Evacuation
8017.1 Hoverboards
8019.3 Maintenance of Order on Campus-Board of Trustees
8020.1 Maintenance of Order on Campus-Faculty Statement
8021.1 Maintenance of Order - Regulations and Procedures Governing Disruptive Activities of Students on Campus
1011.1 Mandatory Leave by Administrative Action
8023.1 No Contact Order Policy
8024.1 Pandemic Flu Plan
8029.1 Social Distancing & Face Covering Policy
8025.1 Tobacco-Restricted Campus Policy
8026.2 Weapons on Campus
8027.1 Workplace Violence Prevention Policy & Procedures
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