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Child and Youth Protection Program

SUNY Plattsburgh is committed to protecting the safety and well-being of children and youth who participate in a College-related program or activity (whether on or off-campus) or a third-party organization using College facilities. This policy outlines the expectations and appropriate conduct for individuals charged with the custody, control, or supervision of children and youth.

Policy Number Policy Owner
8008.2 University Police


  • 4.0 Policy

        4.1    Overview

            4.1.1   Individuals must conduct themselves appropriately with children / youth who participate in College-related programs and report instances or suspicion of physical or sexual abuse of children / youth.

            4.1.2    This local policy supplements SUNY Policy # 6504 – Mandatory Reporting and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and SUNY Policy # 6505 – Child Protection Policy and provides procedures that implement all three policies. College employees, volunteers, and other persons affected are expected to comply with all three policies.

        4.2    Child and Youth Protection Committee

            4.2.1    The College President shall appoint members to a committee that will be responsible for advising and providing guidance on the College’s child and youth protection efforts. The committee should have broad representation across academic and student success. This committee shall meet as needed and shall provide advice and guidance to the College on issues related to the Child and Youth Protection Program. 

            4.2.2    The chairperson of this committee will serve as the president’s designee for child and youth protection and will be responsible for organizing committee meetings, providing annual notifications to the campus, and providing support to responsible university officials, covered persons, and offices responsible for implementing aspects of the child / youth protection program.

        4.3    Covered Activity Identification

            4.3.1   All activities sponsored by the College, a College-affiliated organization, or conducted by a third-party organization permittee that involve children / youth must be assessed to determine whether “custody, control, or supervision” is vested in the College, the affiliate, or the third-party organization. All activities that meet the criteria are considered covered activities and carry affirmative obligations on the College and all covered persons associated with the activity.

            4.3.2   In the event that there is any disagreement about whether an event is considered a covered event, the matter shall be referred to the president’s designee on child and youth protection who will make a final determination.

        4.4    Responsible University Official and Covered Persons Identification

            4.4.1    The College will designate a responsible university official for each covered activity

            4.4.2    The responsible university official, in tandem with the sponsor of the covered activity, will identify all covered persons

        4.5    Mandatory Reporting of Physical or Sexual Abuse

            4.5.1   All employees, students, and volunteers of the College (regardless of whether they are involved in a covered activity involving children / youth) are expected to comply with SUNY Policy # 6504 on the mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse.

            4.5.2    Notwithstanding any other requirement in this section, individuals who are designated as mandated reporters are still required to report abuse to external agencies, such as the New York State Office of Children & Family Services or the Office of Persons with Developmental Disabilities, through their prescribed reporting mechanisms. Any reporting completed under this policy is in addition to, not in lieu of, other reporting requirements. 

            4.5.3   All covered persons and responsible university officials are required to immediately report any suspected physical abuse or sexual abuse of a child / youth to University Police and provide to University Police a written report of suspected physical or sexual abuse.

            4.5.4    University Police will coordinate with the appropriate administrative office on campus and where appropriate will report any substantive allegations to the Department of Social Services.

        4.6    College-Sponsored Overnights

            4.6.1   In those instances where an overnight opportunity is not integral to the activity and would not place an undue hardship on the College or participants, College offices should refrain from hosting children / youth on campus overnight.

            4.6.2   All overnight experiences involving children / youth are automatically considered covered activities and would trigger the obligations of SUNY Policy # 6505 – Child Protection Policy.

            4.6.3    Any College-sponsored program that qualifies as a Children’s Camp as defined under New York Public Health Law §1392 must comply with all Department of Health rules.

        4.7    Retaliation

            4.7.1    Retaliatory action against anyone acting in good faith, who has reported alleged physical abuse or sexual abuse in accordance with this policy, or who has been involved in investigating or responding to allegations of physical or sexual abuse, or who has reported a failure to comply with this policy, is a violation of this policy. Retaliatory acts may include, but are not limited to:

          Employment actions affecting salary, promotion, job duties, work schedules and/or work locations;

          actions negatively impacting a student’s academic record or progress; and

          any action affecting the campus environment, including harassment and intimidation.

        4.8    Training & Awareness

            4.8.1   The College shall provide training resources on child / youth protection and mandatory reporting of child / youth sexual abuse to foster college-wide awareness of these issues.

            4.8.2   In addition, all covered persons and responsible university officials who are employees or volunteers of the College, an affiliated organization, or students will be required to complete an in-depth child / youth protection training prior to the commencement of the activity. The training must have been completed within the last two calendar years.

            4.8.3   Annually, the president’s designee for child and youth protection shall send reminders of this policy to all members of the College community including state employees, students, and employees of college-affiliated organizations.

            4.8.4   The child and youth protection committee shall be responsible for creating a website to provide guidance and support to the campus community.  

        4.9    Third-Party Usage of Facilities

            4.9.1    All third-party organizations seeking to utilize campus facilities and who will be holding covered activities must complete a revocable permit and comply with all terms and conditions of said permits including, but not limited to, disseminating policy information, purchasing sexual molestation insurance and conducting sex offender registry checks on any covered persons. 

            4.9.2    In the event that a third-party organization is unable to secure sexual molestation insurance, it may request an exemption in writing. The College, at its discretion, may grant an exemption based on the following criteria:

          The number of children / youth involved in the activity;

          the number of covered persons supervising the activity;

          the duration on the covered activity;

          the date, time, and place of the covered activity;

          the level of risk associated with the activity;

          the nature of the organization and its history; and

          any additional precautions being taken by the organization to safeguard children / youth.

            4.9.3    All decisions made by the College on exemption requests are considered final and are not subject to appeal.

For additional information about this policy, please contact the Policy Owner listed above.

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