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Contractor Identification Policy

Articulates the College’s expectation that all contractors providing covered services on College property shall be identifiable by wearing photo identification at all times.  

Policy Information

Policy Number Policy Owner
8010.1 University Police


  • 4.0 Policy

    All contractors are expected to wear photo identification (“badge”) while performing covered services on campus. The badge will furnish background information, including but not limited to, the following:

    • Employee photograph,
    • employee name,
    • company name,
    • company phone number,
    • trade,
    • project location, and
    • campus authorizing official.

    The badge shall be laminated in clear plastic, must be legible, and must be visibly displayed while entering campus or performing work on campus property.  Deviations from this expected standard must be approved by the appropriate Authorized Official.  

    Failure to display such identification in the manner prescribed may result in the workers non-admittance to the work area or immediate removal from College property.  All contractors and their employees are expected to present their identification if requested by any college or university-affiliated organization employee, volunteer, or student. 

    Contractors, at their own expense, are responsible for issuing the identification and ensuring that their employees, including the employees of any subcontractors, comply with this policy.  

    Where reasonably feasible, all contracts issued on behalf of the College or university-affiliated organizations for covered services shall include the following clause or its equivalent:

    Contractor, at its sole cost, is required to issue to all of its officers, employees, and agents (“employees”) operating on College Property a photo identification and ensure that all employees visibly display the identification at all times while on campus.  In addition, contractor is responsible for ensuring that all of its subcontractors operating on College property comply with this policy.  The photo identification shall include the following: employee photograph, employee name, company name, company phone number, trade, project location and campus authorizing official. 

For additional information about this policy, please contact the Policy Owner listed above.

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