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No Contact Order Policy

Expresses the campus policies to institute a no contact order to the parties involved in a report of sexual violence, if they are students.

Policy Information

Policy Number Policy Owner
8023.1 Title IX


  • 4.0 Policy

    A No Contact Order is an administrative action available for consideration when:

    Requested by a reporting individual of sexual violence, stalking, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, domestic violence, dating violence (as defined in the Student Conduct Manual) or related violent behaviors, including hazing.  Acts or threats of physical violence that are targeted at another person will also be considered.

    It is determined that the student(s) in question pose(s) a threat to the health and safety of any member of the campus community.

    The purpose is to provide reasonable and available interim measures and accommodations that effect a change in academic, housing, employment, transportation, or other applicable arrangements in order to enhance safety, prevent retaliation, and avoid an ongoing hostile environment. 

    University Police sworn members, the Director of Student Conduct (designee), and Title IX Coordinator (designee) will have the administrative authority to issue a temporary 72-hour No Contact Order if deemed appropriate based upon an official written report either submitted to or produced by any of these personnel at the College.  All temporary 72-hour No Contact Orders will be reviewed collectively by the Chief of University Police (designee), the Director of Student Conduct (designee),  and the Title IX Coordinator (designee) prior to issuing a longer standing (beyond the 72 hours) No Contact Order.  

    No Contact Orders that are the outcome of the College's Judicial System are not governed by this policy.  This policy addresses administrative action leading up to a determination being made by the Judicial System.  If it is determined that no college charges will be pursued through the Judicial System, either the 72 hour or longer standing No Contact Order will be lifted and communicated to all parties involved.

    The campus will promptly review existing No Contact Orders at a party’s request, including requests to modify the terms of or discontinue the order. The parties can submit evidence to support their requests. If the campus finds it appropriate, it can even make a schedule for parties who seek to use the same facilities without running afoul of the No Contact Order.

For additional information about this policy, please contact the Policy Owner listed above.

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