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Campus Handbook Section II: Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity

This section of the Campus Handbook details policies and procedures related to compliance with state and federal requirements for equal employment opportunity, as well as for equal educational opportunity and Title IX. Examples of policies and procedures found in this section include the college's Sexual Harassment and Sexual Policy, Notice of Non-Discrimination, and the Complaint Procedure for Discrimination. Approved policies are listed in alphabetical order below.

Please note that this section only details those employment policies and compliance issues that are directly related to Affirmative Action.

For assistance finding a particular policy, please consult our keyword searchable Table of Contents.

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Affirmative Action Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

Below, please find a list of the policies for this section of the Campus Handbook.

Policy No. Policy Title
2003.1 Chosen Name Policy
2000.5.P Complaint Procedure for Review of Allegations of Unlawful Discrimination
2005.2 DIRECT Response, Bias Act and Hate Crime Response Policy
2006.1 Grievance for Addressing Formal Complaints of Sexual Harassment Under The Title IX Regulations
2007.1 Informal Resolution Policy
2001.5 Interpersonal Violence Policy
2002.2 Notice of Non Discrimination Policy
2004.7 Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy
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